In three months from now I cross the threshold of adolescence to face adulthood that too with poise and patience which I believe I havent been blessed with. With no idea of where I belong and where I should be,I find myself somewhat lost.”Originality” is a thing of past today. In this big bad world there are wolves roaming and to hunt you need to fit in a pack.But Here I am the lone wolf with reasons of 

Why I don’t find a place out here. 

I had a liking for subjects like polity So, it was quite obvious that this will be my subject of study.The sole reason being that this subject worked on opinions but lately did I realise it was never my opinion. My work was just to cram up those irrational ideas of others which in the outer world would not hold a ground. I was taught that India is a secular country and i had no rights to question my book whatsoever. So, what happened was I was a secularist with no malice in heart and no enmity in my mind.
But my ideas were questioned out here, with sides to choose from I was left stranded on an island where no boats visited.
The second most important thing you must have is a girlfreind.Where you can invest your non-precious time or your  parents hard-earned money or probably both.Love the most hyped word was something that never went through.Every now and then a new poem on broken heart or some other story of someone cured changed my definition. All I knew was affection, and there are only two sides of this story i.e what you feel for others and what other feels for you. So , what is love in all this if that affection is love why does it vanishes off so suddenly.I do not hate girls nor that I don’t respect them but at this point in my life in my life I do not need them. I have some very good friends and few great desires and I need to check all my boxes in this one life.
But it never works this way out right you need to have girlfriend.
………..too be continued…….


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