The Magicians Trick

​I wish I could be a magician
Conjuring her out of dark
She who would sit beside me
Listening me while I talk

Moonlight flooding the vast skies
Stars playing with those flirtatious winds
under all theses we would take a long
Never ending tiresome walk..

Exhausted at last we would sit
and argue about the road to take
at that mystrious fork
But then she would see sun
creeping out Of the horizon
and dejected we will kiss
And embrace the dark….

I alone as I had been will walk back.


I will not let him die

You slammed those books hard
Never knowing how much it hurts
Nearly choking him..but
broken battered barely breathing 
I have kept him alive….

And then your boxes
Which time time to time
I needed to tick….Exams
Made him a ghost of himself
But however blemished..bruised
He now lies
I have kept him alive

But I Now realise
He needs to have a pie
A pie of my life….
He needs to be my side
When I take those strides
Leaps above from my fright I will not let the child in me die

Some stories are yet to be told 


​Some stories are yet to be told
Hiding behind shadows ..
those fluroscent candles cast
Waiting for their turn to unfold..

Some tales of agony ,Some tales pain ,
Some of winds ,Some of nostalgic rains

Some tales of vicious vile
Some of vain pride …
Some of cruel death
Or some of miserable life

Some tales of vengeance
Some of incessant love
Some of vain vanity
Or some of frenzied rush

Whoever high and mighty
Weilds the pen ..
Has never set his
Eyes on the grounds yet

He would have seen
Some tales breathing their last
Lost to the human eyes
In this world so vast …..


Lurching behind my dreams
Evading murky darkness
What wrong have I did
because Neither I am awake,
Nor I can sleep ……..

Oh ! The dreams are so strange
Unlike money and fame I seek
What wrong have I did …
Because I am neither silent
Nor did I ever scream……

Under the bludgeonings of life
For years I  have stood …..
Unpreturbed,numb to outer world
Why Am I like this I need to know
Beacuse Neither I am in love
Nor in some pain……..

You killed him Darling…..

I guard your darkest secrets
Like a legion on a war
And war it is for me,
 I am fighting myself for you.

The man you killed
was someone I knew
Long ago….but I
know nothing of him now

You know not what your
Treacherous eyes have done
To the pen which wrote love
Is now spilling venom……

You know not villainous lips did
Turned a heart that smiled
Into a stone so vile ……

But you walk free
Aftet this heinious crime
And I have lost something
Someone a part of mine…….