A caged bird

I have a bird inside me caged                     But She never wishes to fly                        She says chains brings her joy 

Strange isn’t it,
Feeding on my sorrows she lives                 In the dark dungeons of my heart       Hiding behind all my scars…. 

Aloof alone from the world                          She lies in a peaceful sleep                      Now you know,                                           Why I never cry nor do I weep



Oh! I so wish to, pick that bag
and To travel into the world
The very world I have never been
to see things I have never seen
For they say its beautiful and lively

Oh! I so wish to,feel that freedom
To break those shackles
That limits my flight
To reach some new heights
Well they say its addicting..

Of many things they talk
For which my heart yearns
But Alas I have some
responsibilties to take
Some difficult choices to make…..