Some stories are yet to be told 


​Some stories are yet to be told
Hiding behind shadows ..
those fluroscent candles cast
Waiting for their turn to unfold..

Some tales of agony ,Some tales pain ,
Some of winds ,Some of nostalgic rains

Some tales of vicious vile
Some of vain pride …
Some of cruel death
Or some of miserable life

Some tales of vengeance
Some of incessant love
Some of vain vanity
Or some of frenzied rush

Whoever high and mighty
Weilds the pen ..
Has never set his
Eyes on the grounds yet

He would have seen
Some tales breathing their last
Lost to the human eyes
In this world so vast …..



Lurching behind my dreams
Evading murky darkness
What wrong have I did
because Neither I am awake,
Nor I can sleep ……..

Oh ! The dreams are so strange
Unlike money and fame I seek
What wrong have I did …
Because I am neither silent
Nor did I ever scream……

Under the bludgeonings of life
For years I  have stood …..
Unpreturbed,numb to outer world
Why Am I like this I need to know
Beacuse Neither I am in love
Nor in some pain……..

You killed him Darling…..

I guard your darkest secrets
Like a legion on a war
And war it is for me,
 I am fighting myself for you.

The man you killed
was someone I knew
Long ago….but I
know nothing of him now

You know not what your
Treacherous eyes have done
To the pen which wrote love
Is now spilling venom……

You know not villainous lips did
Turned a heart that smiled
Into a stone so vile ……

But you walk free
Aftet this heinious crime
And I have lost something
Someone a part of mine…….

Wings On fire

Cutting across the strongest winds,
Flying through the darkest clouds,
I may forth in the roughest sea,
Just not today,I am a bird
with broken wings …….

The fire that fear kindled
Has made me stronger day by day
I can shout to my deepest fears today,That just not today
I am a bird with broken winds…………

My wings are on fire


The inexpressible sadness
stuck with him like a leech,
The unfortunate boy finds
no dreams within his reach.

Ah! Those little sacrifices..
he makes, deep down in his 
heart he knew it pains.

But the boy was brave
washed it all down in waves
and pasted a smile on his face

He has some dreams
And he knows that times change
All he waits for that tide to come
Well rest will be history
of fortune and fame………….


Oh! I so wish to, pick that bag
and To travel into the world
The very world I have never been
to see things I have never seen
For they say its beautiful and lively

Oh! I so wish to,feel that freedom
To break those shackles
That limits my flight
To reach some new heights
Well they say its addicting..

Of many things they talk
For which my heart yearns
But Alas I have some
responsibilties to take
Some difficult choices to make…..


​These verses traces the journey of a painting and different emotions it incites in different people .                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

The artist
For colours he begged
Finding none left in him
at last painted his pain
from the tears


For yet unknown to painter
The poet thought
“What he beheld None else
would behold
For he had painted a mirror”

Old man-

Bitter sweet memories of the past
The mirror showed the man
And foraged the smile
Long gone with his beloved

The girl-

The endless sky was the
mirror To the girl
who wanted To hold that
brush Snatched years before ….

P.S The image used is a famous painting by Edvard munch popularly known as the vampire.